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Blonde offers a flexible collaboration model. We partner with brands for full production services including casting, location scouting, artists, and post-production services or a la carte production, studio, artists, and post-production as needed.


We believe that early strategy and planning with our clients can create greater transparency, agility, and efficiency to capture a high volume of premium creative content and assets to be leveraged for multiple markets, media, and platforms.

For additional customized production resources, contact our Studio Concierge.


Digital Cinema/HDSLR/Still Cameras

Complete Lighting & Grip

Sound Recording / Playback

Hi-Speed Wifi

Sonos Sound System


Makeup Mirror with Daylight or Tungsten Bulbs (optional use as a two-way mirror)

Teleprompter (With or Without Operator)


300 sq ft Client/Vanities Room

150 sq ft Green Room

Studio Concierge

Communal kitchen and Eating Area

Private bathrooms (Handicap Accessible)

Plumbed Hair Wash Basin


Studio Manager

Casting Services

In-House Post-Production 

In-House Design/ Retouching

Music Research, Creation and Mastering

Catering & Craft Services (For Every Taste & Budget)

Complete Crew

(DPs, Gaffers, Audio Techs, Props, Vanities, Wardrobe, Etc)

Day / Week / Hour Booking Available

Custom Package

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